Pay Per Click

PPC Services for greater and Higher ROI

PPC enables a targeted cost-effective and medium to rank greater higher on      Google search. Our team will optimize campaigns for your website and drive traffic and increase revenue for you through smart data-backed decisions.

 PPC Services are Perfectly Customized to your Industry Standards

Effective and Faster Advertising

Convertible and huge Leads

Increased Brand Awareness and  Traffic

Transparent Fast and Quick Results

Engaging in a successful outcome

 You clicked on this link and visited to our page that means that you already know about PPC Marketing.

 Our skills in:

  • We are designing online ads that makes your customer’s need  to click on them.
  • Utilizing better search engine mechanisms to help direct potentials to effective landing pages. best of all:
  • Our team will know how to create and win a customer feeling that he/she was tricked into it.

 What is amazed online PPC Strategy?

Campaigns with Specific Landing Pages

Our team will start with the mobile-first landing pages with the interactive content & images. Placing Call-to-action at the right time and right place and improving the user’s experiences with the good design and we ensure the landing page is optimised for conversions before sending out the Advertisement.

Compelling to Ad Copy

Your Advertisement copy must grab the attentions of the customers in a fraction of seconds.  And by understanding the user’s behaviour & the current trends, we write top ad copies for you and which boosts click through rates. This will helps to attract and increase quality traffic and make the conversions easier for your websites and products.

Performance Type of Tracking

Our team will monitor the campaigns and fine-tuning them as per the recommendation and gives good practices and our team will make sure to get the best results for each spends. Our goal is to find the best strategy that increase more traffic and  drives more leads.

 How to you get started?​

Discover a Call

Get starts with a discovery call. Our team will get to know about your businesses and products and offers best to help us in drafting a best PPC Ads which increase drives to convertible leads. For This it includes understanding the target location, demographics and your short and long term goals with PPC ads..

Market research and Analysis

Our team of PPC experts will start doing the market research on your target audience and your competitors, the challenges and gaps that needs to be addressed. Based on analysis.

We design the best PPC Campaigns for your business.

Watching to grow your traffic

Pay per Click Marketing is conducted through the most popular search engines and make your traffic to grow at an very exponential growth and scale. Our team will analyse the best platform to run the Pay per Click ads as per your target audiences to get the best results for your each spends.

 PPC Services and How to Drive your Greater Brand Growth

 PPC is a very highly flexible option that can be scaled up and used to generates high-quality leads. Our team will research and choose keywords that enable the highest conversions with lower investments so that your PPC campaigns become success..
our team can also help you to drive successful campaigns. By using our services will instantly help you to increase traffic on your website. With the enhancing conversions and overall visibility. This will leads to higher ROI.

 We at Amazed Online have dedicated experts who can take care of Google Shopping campaigns also  in case if you own an e-commerce website.


Why Amazed Online as PPC Service Provider

We are one of the premium PPC service providers in India,

Our aim is to increase our client’s digital revenues by practising the best of PPC strategies.

Here are some of the key strengths that help us to lead the PPC industry:

  • We have dedicated project manager.
  • We increase your Return On Investment (ROI)
  • We Target Relevant Audiences to your business perspective.
  • We provide you Regular Reporting

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